Roadside assistance & towing

Passenger car towing

For years we have been recovering (passenger)-cars as a result of an accident or breakdown. We have contracts with most of the insurers, lease companies and Rijkswaterstaat for this assistance.

Truck towing

We do not only recover and tow trucks in the Netherlands, we also recover throughout Europe.
With our modern heavy recovery vehicles, we have been a household name in the region for decades. Rijkswaterstaat, commercial vehicle dealers and truck dealers are happy to use our expertise and craftsmanship.

Roadside assistance

When a car breaks down, we provide first aid (nonmedical). In many cases, the car can be repaired on site and therefore towing of the car is not necessary. Our main goal is therefore always that you will continue your trip as soon as possible. If in the worst case it is necessary to tow the car, this is also within our capabilities.