On the road, we are the master in towing and transport. We provide the necessary reparations in a professional and specialized manner. Together with Rijkswaterstaat we ensure a good flow of the main and side roads!

Salvage container

NEW! Hoogwout is in possession of a Salvage container since the end of December 2020. With this container we are in the ability to cool down a battery pack of an electric vehicle, which is on fire. The container is a big addition to the equipment of Hoogwout Berging!

Crane rent

In addition to the truck-mounted crane, we also have the big boys available. These cranes are available for both salvage work and rental. Do you have a job, please contact us for the possibilities.


In addition to towing arrangements, evacuation is also within our capabilities. If you are curious about the possibilities, please contact us!

Roadside assistance

When your car broke down along the road, you can count on Hoogwout. We come with specialized equipment on site, so that in many cases we can repair your car on site. This means that you are immediately back on the road again.

Loader crane

The loader crane is ideal for the difficult jobs. We lift a car that is blocked or a sea container onto the truck. Our staff is extremely professional and therefore works carefully without creating damage.

Emergency reparation

With an emergency repair, we always try to repair your car on site. When repaired you can continue your way. It contains a small low-cost repair that will result that you can continue your way safely.


Hoogwout Berging also facilitates all matters concerning the transport and recovery of vehicles. Think of a separate truck or a refrigerated trailer. Only need a driver? We can also facilitate this for you. Ask one of our employees about the possibilities.


With our large equipment, which is widely deployable, is no job to big. Boats, forklifts, scooters, trucks, containers, cars and regular buses. Nothing is getting us crazy!

Law enforcement

In the place Diemen, (The Netherlands) we have the towing rights for illegal parking and law enforcement. This means that your car will be safely brought to our depot. After you have paid the costs (imposed by township *) you can get safely back on the road.

* These costs are determined exclusively by the municipality and Hoogwout Berging B.V. unfortunately cannot do anything about this.

Zero-emission towing

We are the only towing company in the Netherlands and surroundings leading in sustainability. We have a fully electric recovery vehicle, ready for departure. We as Hoogwout think about the environment.


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